Unique Porta Potty Products 

We have been a full service manufacturer since 1971. 



We were the exclusive sanitation manufacturer and service company for the 1996 Summer Olympic Games in Atlanta, Georgia; Woodstock ‘99 in Rome, New York; Air Shows; the 2003 Phish Concert in Lewiston, Maine; the 2004 Phish Concert in Newport, Vermont; 15 years as the Sanitation Contractor for the New Orleans Mardi Gras; most natural disasters from 1973 to the present; plus over one hundred thousand smaller events over the last 45 years.


Multiple Stall Lavatory Building

Showers-Toilets-ADA Compliant and Family Stalls


We manufacture single and multiple stall lavatory buidings featuring ceramic fixtures, fresh water hand wash facilities, soap, toilet paper and paper towel dispensers.


The stalls can be ADA compliant, full shower facilities, men's and women's stalls - including air conditioning and hot water.

patents issued and pending


ADA compliant, shower and toilet stall, family stall
Trailer Mounted Porta Potty, fresh water hand wash, no waste in the stalls, lower contagion risk
self contained trailer mounted Porta Potty, fresh water hand wash, Comfort Station, hand rail, durability,
Trailer Mounted Porta Potty, Dump Valve, Dump Your Own Porta Potty
Porta Potties and Self Contained Comfort Stations can be Mounted on Trailers


We can mount a drop tank Porta Potty or a self-contained Comfort Station on a trailer. The advantages of trailer mounted toilets is that they can follow workflow as the user requires or offer excellent mobility for special event venues. Our trailer mounted Comfort Stations provide safe, hygienic sanitation with maximum mobility.

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Eyewash Stations, Decon Showers and Health and Safety Shelters

Safety Shelters That Do Not Look Like a Porta Potty


We offer a complete line of decontamination showers, eyewash stations, and health and safety shelters.  Many of the products we offer do not look like a Porta Potty.  Placing our portable safety shelters on a worksite will go a long way toward meeting or exceeding regulatory compliance.  Our ease of use safety and decontamination shelters offer unrestricted access and function in both portable and permanent applications.


Feel free to contact us to discuss your complete sanitation and health and safety requirements.  We can help with our off-the-shelf or custom designed products and systems.

patents issued and pending

unrestricted access, swing door eyewash, safety shelter

Swing Door Eyewash Station

Porta Potty decontamination shower, portable, heavy duty

Decontamination Shower

Factory or Remote Work Place Safety Shelter, Does not look like a Porta Potty,

Health & Safety


stand alone eyewash station, portable and permanent,  unobstructed access, does not look like a Porta Potty

Eyewash Station