We offer a variety of different sanitation products.  Please view our  product line and contact us.

SJHD 450, Heavy Duty Porta Potty

Sani Jon®

GH 350 portable toilet great fit and finish

Green John®

Model FPT 300, Folding Porta Potty

Porta John®

Original Folding Toilet


Porta John®

Folding Portable



Sani Jon®



Green John®




Porta Potty for All Requirements

The Utility & Durability of Our Products are Top of the Line


We manufacture the Porta John® FPT 300, the original folding Porta Potty that ships fully assembled in a folded position. 100 Porta John® units ship fully assembled in a shipping container. 







Our top of the line larger Sani Jon® SJHD 450 Porta Potty incorporates unique features such as double aluminum corners, aluminum door jamb, stainless steel hinges and a FEMA approved fliptop holding tank.


 Our  Green John® advances the ubiquituitous standard Porta Potty in a manner previously not seen in this industry.  Our fit and trim is an industry milestone.  The GJ 350 is manufactured with aluminum corners, aluminum door jamb, stainless steel hinges, treated wood floor, translucent roof, and a FEMA approved fliptop waste tank that allows complete cleaning of the unit. 

Single Stall Comfort Stations 

"When a Porta Potty is Not an Option"


We manufacture single stall Comfort Stations  that do not look like porta potties.  Check out our Model 4848E and Model 4848EHD Single Stall Comfort Stations and our Single Stall Model SSS/T Shower & Toilet Buildng.


In addition, see our SJSDCS 520 and SJSPCS 600 Comfort Stations manufactured on a porta potty chassis.

Handicapped Sanitation,  ADA Compliant or
Wheelchair Accessible Porta Potties
 Portable and Permanent

Our ADA Compliant Lavatory Building Model SBADA 7777 is manufactured on a 4" steel frame with steel encapsulated tine ports.  Model SBADA 7777 has ceramic fixtures, grab bars, ADA sink with paddle handled faucets, paddle handeld 36" door, 60" wheelchair turning area, one inch aluminum coverd walls, and is ADA compliant in all 50 States.




We offer both wheelchair accessible porta potties WCA 700A and Comfort Station model WCA 800A.  Both models have  1/2" graffiti resistant walls, translucent roof, aluminum covered corners and a 36" door.  For specifications and more information on the above WCA Model, please contact us.

Single Building ADA Compliant Comfort Station
Fresh Water Flush Comfort Station

Model SBADA 7777

ceramic fixtures, fresh water hand wash, no waste stored in the stall
fresh water hand wash, no steps, foaming soap dispenser
Wheelchair Accessible Porta Potties and Comfort Stations


Model SJSDCS 520




Single Stall ADA Compliant Lavatory Building
wheelchair compatible, 36" door, opaque roof, flush toilet

Models WCA 700A

& WCA 800A

    Wheelchair Accessible  

Model 4848 E

Comfort Station

How It Works


Model 4848E


Model 4848EHD


Model 7777 S/T

Shower & Toilet



Both Models SJSDCS 520 and SJSPCS 600 have ceramic fixtures, fresh water hand wash, paper and soap dispensers, no waste stored in the stalls, no steps, and no surprises.   The Model SJSPCS 600 includes 1/2" internal graffiti resistant walls.

Models 4848E and 4848EHD Comfort Stations are preferred by people who do not wish to use a Porta Potty.  These Comfort Stations have electricity, safety lights, exhaust fans, ceramic fixtures, automatic shut off faucets, aluminum covered corners, 36" doors, privacy locks and dead bolt locks for off hours, and much more.