Fresh Water Hand Wash Product Group

Model 4545 FPHW

Patents Issued and Pending

2 Person Hand Wash Stations - with Social Distancing

Sink Manufactured from 100% High Density Polyethylene

Stainless Steel Latches

Heavy Duty Foot Pumps

Ships Fully Assembled

48" x 24" (30 inch sink level) Weight is 104 pounds

Fresh Water Capacity: 45 Gallons (US)

Waste Water Reservoir: 45 Gallons (US)

Model SJSDCS 520


Patents Issued and Pending

No Waste Stored in the Stall, No Chemicals, Ships Fully Assembled

Deluxe Portable Restroom with Fresh Water Flush & Hand Wash

Model 4848 EHD


Patents Issued and Pending

Comfort Stations that Do Not Look Like Portable Toilets

Use on the Job, by the Swimming Pool or on the Greens.

Safe Sanitation, Fresh Water Hand Wash in a Private Restroom

Model SBADA 7777


Patents Issued and Pending

When You Need Us We Are Priceless

ADA Compliant Ground Level Lavatory Building

Interior Stall Dimensions:

6'11" x 6'11" x 90"

Exterior Dimensions: 7' x 7' x 91"


Model 3448

Patents Issued and Pending

No Waste Stored in the Stall, No Chemicals, Ships Fully Assembled

Portable or Permanent Restroom with Fresh-Water Flush and Hand Wash

34" Wide x 48" Long x 80" High

Big Savings on the Elimination of Bathroom Reconstruction and

Improved Employee Retention.

Developed for multistory construction projects that have size restrictions.

Eliminates the need to construct bathrooms for your employees and then

dismantle them to build the bathrooms for your customers.

MAXIMIZE SAVINGS - Use Model 3448 Units on Multiple Projects

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The CDC has recently declared
"Treat all body fluids as though they are infectious"
Unlike Portable Toilets our Patented Comfort Stations require no storage of bodily fluids in the stall and, thus
reduce the very real possibility of infection from contagions.
Contagion Containment is an advantage of our Patented Comfort Stations.